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bfdhome.org: The US Drug Rehab Centers directory is committed to providing the most comprehensive resources currently available for those in need of information on residential treatment programs and outpatient rehabilitation programs nation-wide. Our directory contains a wide-ranging selection of the most up-to-date listings for:

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This website is designed with the user always in mind – and with the assistance of professionals within the addiction recovery industry – the site is organized into categories identifying different needs relating to alcohol and drug rehab programs, detoxification, rehabilitation and recovery, and then subcategorized by state or territory.

To better serve our visitor’s wishes, our directory is enormously user-friendly – making it easier than ever for them to find all their drug rehabilitation, alcohol treatment, and addiction recovery needs with the simple click of a mouse.

Our directory is designed so users have the opportunity to add or edit listings autonomously. However, all listings and content are subject to approval from the site editors to ensure equality and integrity is maintained without endorsement.